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Modern Baju Kebaya: Level Up Your Raya Fashion

The rich culture of Malaysia invites a festive season filled with celebrations, and as Malaysians, we eagerly anticipate these joyous occasions. 

As Hari Raya approaches, many are anticipating the excitement of family gatherings, traditional attire, delectable feasts, and a well-deserved break from work. 

For the girls getting ready for Hari Raya, choosing the right outfit is a big deal. Some go for traditional clothes, but a lot of people are into modern fashion, especially the trendy Baju Kebaya Raya

In this article, we are pleased to discuss what makes modern Baju Kebaya attractive and share tips to help you level up your Baju Raya fashion!

Modernizing Tradition

The Baju Kebaya has been part of Indonesian and Malaysian culture since the 16th and 17th centuries. It's a special outfit with a long history. However, not everyone is into sticking strictly to old traditions. 

That's where the modern Baju Kebaya comes in. It's all about embracing some changes while keeping the traditional vibes alive. Nowadays, you can mix it up by wearing it with a classic skirt or more modern slacks. 

Adding jewelry like earrings or necklaces makes it even more attractive. Some modern versions even have fancy lace and genuine Swarovski beads for that extra touch of glam.

Choosing The Right Material And Cut

When you're going for that awesome look in a modern Baju Kebaya, it's important to start with picking the right size and style. The cool thing about modern designs is they often have a trendy cut and a mermaid skirt shape that looks good on all kinds of body shapes.

Now, since Hari Raya happens in the hot month of April, you've got to be smart about the material. Even though polyester isn't known for being the coolest fabric, modern Baju Kebaya made from polyester is actually great at keeping sweat away. 

So, you stay stylish without worrying about those not-so-pleasant sweat stains. It's all about being practical and making sure you look good and feel comfortable at the same time!

Taking Care Of Your Modern Baju Kebaya

In Malaysia, where people come from different backgrounds, you've got lots of chances to show your modern Baju Kebaya. Moreover, sticking to the same outfit more often isn't just money-smart, it's also a cool way to support sustainable fashion. 

Why not keep rocking your awesome modern outfit at different events? It not only saves you money but also sends a stylish message that goes beyond temporary trends and does good for the environment.

Stylish And Affordable Baju Raya Fashion

Let's check out some cool and budget-friendly alternatives to traditional wear when it comes to modern Baju Kebaya, so you can stay stylish without spending a lot. 

Punk Kaftan

Think of the kaftan beyond just comfy loungewear. You can rock it as a dress or pair it as a top with wide-leg bottoms. Add some punk-chic vibes with chunky platform boots to give your look a modern twist.

Edgy Batik

Mix tradition with bold style by combining batik fabric with zebra prints. Let your imagination fly and confidently clash prints, making sure there's a common element like coordinating colors in your accessories and footwear.

Cosy Cardigan

Embrace the cardigan trend in your Raya fashion. Throw in some festive green to match the holiday theme while keeping it comfy and chic.

Elegant Jubah

Go for the classic Raya color in a long, elegant jubah dress. It's simple, quick, and sophisticated, needing only minimal accessories for a timeless style.

Blazer Boss

Step up your Raya fashion with a sharp suit set, loving your #girlboss vibes. This smart-casual look not only suits the festive season but can easily transition into the workplace, showing off the versatility in your wardrobe.

In A Nutshell

To sum it up, going for the modern Baju Kebaya lets you mix tradition and today's style for a really cool look. The tips about picking the right material and style make sure you're comfy and stylish. 

Remember, when it comes to fashion, you don't need to break the bank.

Regardless of whether you choose a punk kaftan, edgy batik, cosy cardigan, elegant jubah, modern kebaya, or go for the blazer boss look, your Raya fashion should shout out your unique style and celebrate the awesome mix of cultures in Malaysia. 

Dress up for this Hari Raya and enjoy the celebrations with your loved ones. 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from Bayu Somerset!


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