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Behind the Scene of Kedah & Kebaya Series 2.0

Hey, welcome to second episode of our photoshoot session. We are excited to share with you some behind the scene of this photoshoot session. The venue itself was strategic as it was easy for is to find. When we first arrived at the venue, we were start-strucked on the concept of the studio which is small yet sweet. For us, mood board is a must to proceed with shooting sesh as it is our reference to achieve the goal of our concept.

Who said setting up our bits of backdrop is easy? It was tiring but we had fun experiencing new things on every photoshoot session. With the presence of Syahmi, the stylist and designer of ours, he managed to grasp the concept of our shooting. He led from the arrangement of flowers to styling the models in the most creative way.


Some of us helped here and there to smoothen up the flow of our shooting with the given of 4 hours availability to finish everything. The fact that everybody has their own tasks and managed to give extra hands to each other was mind blowing. There is a person who handled the models’ poses, a person who handled TikTok content, a person who handled the models’ changing attires between slots, a person who handled the flat lays part and a person who styled everything. It was such a hustle. People always view the beautiful side of shooting where they see the end product of it and tempted to buy the clothes, shout out to every photographer out there for being talented in identifying good angles of every models and capturing it but little did people out there know it requires enormous effort to do the process.


Little baskets everywhere with the styling of models holding flowers are normal and sort of ‘formal’ but there is another thing that is very very very important… can you guess what? It is the flat lays of our products. Flat lays are considered second important than the ‘formal’ photoshoot as we do not want any object/body to wear it. We want the raw material of our products laying on the floor, hanging, folded clothes and many more. Here we are, sorted out and folded the clothes in stacks to make it ‘more’ aesthetics. Well you do not want your Instagram feed ti look congested now, do you?


All in all, with cooperation from every single one of us combined together resulted us on finishing up photoshoot successfully under 4 hours. That’s really cool, right? Despite the hectic scene from running here and there, ushering the models here and there and so on, WE DID IT. Thank you for the models also for cooperating with us in modelling 30+ outfits. That is a talent. Nobody can give the same energy in posing from the beginning until the end. Photoshoots are always tiring but we had a lot of fun especially after seeing the outcome. New photoshoot, new experience. Until next time.



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