Types of perfumes you should know before you buy

Types of perfumes you should know before you buy

All perfumes are not alike. Every perfume has a fragrance concentration, and this usually determines the intensity of the perfume oils and alcohol in it. The differences in these factors result in the five main types of perfume in the market today. 

1. Perfume/ Parfumchanel coco perfume

This has the highest concentration of essential oils or “perfume extract” with around 20 to 30% essential oils in the fragrance blend. It is the most expensive of all the categories due to the higher concentrations of oils. It is usually heavier and oilier. It is said to last longer, and can last up to 24 hours.

Who is it for? Parfum is an excellent choice for you if you have sensitive skin because it has a lower alcohol content than all of the other types. It also tends to stay on the surface and not dry out. 

2. Eau de Perfume/ Eau de Parfum

Eau de Perfume

Eau de parfum is one of the universal fragrance types people wear for everyday events and activities. It is typically less expensive than Parfum. This perfume can be sprayed on hair and clothing, although delicate fabrics like silk should be avoided to avoid stains.

Eau de Parfum has a long-lasting scent and can maintain its pleasant scent for up to eight hours a day. Who is it for? This would be an excellent choice for you to wear on dates because the scent is easily noticeable, and spending time in the heat makes it even more potent. It's not the optimal choice if you work in close quarters, because of the strong scent.

3. Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette

This perfume category is for fragrances with essential oil or “perfume extract” concentrations of between 5 to 15. Eau de Toilette is one of the most widely-used types of perfume. Most brands are generally cheaper than Eau de parfum.

Many individuals consider it the go-to pick for getting ready for a typical day because its name comes from the French term "faire sa toilette," which means "getting ready."

Eau de Toilette scents are often lighter and less complex than Eau de Parfum scents. Who is it for? It is appropriate for the summertime. Moderately high alcohol concentrations. It is also a great choice for regular day wear.

4.Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne (EDC) or simply Cologne is probably the most recognizable type of perfume. It's cheaper than the other types and comes in bigger bottles because you need to spray more fragrance to achieve a significant effect.

Who is it for? It is an excellent option for hot weather because it does not last very long, and you can reapply it frequently. Its high alcohol content makes it an unsuitable choice if you have sensitive skin.

5. Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche

This has what is perhaps the weakest scent of all the fragrance types. It is a light, delicate, and subtle type of perfume. It is also cheap. In terms of its effect, it is not as powerful as the other perfume options but it gets the job done.

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