Tips on how to take care of your plants

Tips on how to take care of your plants

Hello earthlings! Just want to share with you about taking care of plants. Have you ever taken care of any plants before? If you haven’t, it’s the best to choose a plant that is easy to be taken care of. I would say taking care of plants requires a lot of patience and energy to maintain and grow up the plant itself but no worries there are many tips you can find and adhere for your cute plants.

Besides, don’t you think that having plants in your sight is just nice and calming? Nowadays, people would add a few plants inside the house to lift up the look and ambience of your home. Not only pleasing your eyes, plants also purify the air of the environment. Kill two birds with one stone, right? I also find it therapeutic to water, trimming and change the water every two days. You can do this before you start your day or after finishing your stressful work.



Although not everyone is born with a green thumb, there are number of tips, hacks and tactics that can help you maintain your plants alive and well. Frankly speaking, understanding the needs of your plants will lead to reduced stress, cleaner air and a happier environment.

If you want to be a plant parent, here’s everything you need to know about taking care of plants.

  1. Get the right plant.

“Right plant, right place” mantra is every beginner needs to use and understand. NO matter how optimistic you are to have hopes in growing your strawberries, you can’t grow in your garden here in this tropical weather.


2. Let there be (not too much) light!

Different plants need different levels of light. Expert gardener, Marie Iannotti states “full sun, partial sun, dappled sun and shade” for The Spruce. ‘Full sun’ means a garden at your home but ‘partial sun’ applies to areas with curtains or hallways.

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3. Change is bad

Plants are sensitive to change. They’re quite slow to adapt to new surroundings. If they’re doing fine at your current spot, changing the lighting or height of plant is a big no-no. You have to try and error to suit the adjustment of your plant.

4. The plant chooses the pot

Make sure your pot isn’t too small. Choosing the right type and size of your pot helps plant to grow in right direction. Lauren Dunec, the landscape designer warns that too-small pots affect plants’ growth to be stunted, roots will become pot-bound and soil will dry out quickly. Therefore, everyone, make sure to not to buy too small pots to avoid this problem to occur.

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5. Cut the dead stuff

Bidding goodbye to anything that’s brown or spotted is normal. Don’t get panicked when this happens as there will always be new sprout coming out of the soil. If you see one or two browns, prune it using scissors.

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Source: INSIDER & Pinterest