Things We Miss the most in this Pandemic

Things We Miss the most in this Pandemic

  1. Domestic and International vacation

    Who are we kidding, right? Naturally, we miss international travel tremendously! Days of planning on what to bring, never-ending ‘what to bring’ list, planning the itinerary, packing suitcases, the nervous jitter as we go through immigration and check-in, getting the passport out of our cool passport holder to get it stamped, and the excitement of landing in a foreign land, trying local delicacies and immersing in a new culture. Now, all we can do is scrolling the old pictures in our phone and reminiscing the good times in the foreign land. We miss the smell of airplane. 

  2. Walking around mask-free

    Not going to lie, we miss seeing people’ faces. People’ expression, the priceless reaction. The ability to freely inhale fresh air, flex your flawlessly made-up face (along with the latest lipstick colour), and speak without being questioned “Sorry, can you repeat that again?” are all things we didn't realise we took for granted previously. With the current situation, wearing a 3-ply face mask is mandatory and double masking is encouraged. Ahhh how we miss the mask-free good old days.

  3. Lepak’-ing with friends at café, mamak or even at our own house


Remember those days we used to hang out with friends, catching up, talking, and gossiping without worrying the restaurants is going to throw us out? Nowadays, dine-in is not allowed anymore, and even when they did a few weeks back, there’s a limit to the number of people per table and the closing hour is at 10 pm. Catch-up sessions are cut short and that’s a bummer