3 self-care practices: Love yourself edition

3 self-care practices: Love yourself edition

Hey, how are you guys doing? We understood is you are having hard times, especially in this pandemic. In order to seal the hardships within, let’s practise self-love with us. Practising self-love doesn’t need a fortune to pay for. It might not cost you a penny, even. Simple self-love practices would surprise you with serenity that comes your way. This year is all about loving yourself and focus more on ourselves. We are thinking it would be a nice thing for us to share our three favourite things to do to practice self-love.

1. Start your day by telling affirmations


These affirmations are important to attract positivity, indeed. When we say these words first thing first in the morning, we start to drive our mind in accomplishing our daily goals, don’t you think? For me, I love saying these words whenever I woke up from sleep and not only these, I always say things I am grateful for as simple as thankful for the comfortable bed I have. 

2. Celebrate every little accomplishment

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I agree with the saying. Every human being should celebrate every tiny victory. It can be as buying a cup of ice cream after finish doing the house chores. If you don’t celebrate, who’s going to? You deserve to be rewarded with something nice after going through endless battles in this challenging life. No doubt you would feel much appreciated after rewarding yourself. Small progress is still a progress. 

3. Make time for the things that make you happy

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Amidst working to make a living, don’t ever neglect your leisure time that you deserve and don’t ever make any limitation of your creativity just because you are busy with work. Have fun discovering and enjoying hobbies nor passions. Bear in mind that you are allowed to take a break and be creative. You might find your hidden talents onwards maybe :)